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Acorn Aid 2.0.2 - beta now available!

Loads more features. See release notes. Download from here

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Simple free help desk software.

Customer support via web forms, email and chat.
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Build better customer service with a free help desk.

Acorn Aid help desk enables you to support your customers and your business. Help Desk agents can collabrate to manage, organise and resolve tickets to boost customer support. Effectivily manage tickets by utlising powerful help desk features within Acorn Aid to deliver an amazing customer experience.

Powerful features for your ticketing system.

Quick Installation and Setup

Acorn Aid can be installed in a matter of minutes and can be tailored to your business needs.



Categorise tickets into groups to organise tickets and assign agents to groups to manage tickets.



Agents are help desk members who can manage tickets. Agents can be assigned to groups to ensure the most effective ticket management.


Customisable priorities can be made to allow agents and customers to select the importance of an ticket.


Private Notes

Private notes can be added to a tickets diary and passed between agents without the customers seeing the note.


Knowledge Base

A knowledge base can be enabled and articles can be added to answer frequently asked questions and avoid repeat tickets.

Canned Replies

Common replies can be saved as canned replies to save time.



Pass tickets between groups and agents to ensure tickets are assigned to the correct groups.


Collision Detection

Avoid multiple agents working on the same ticket at the same time. Collision detection will lock the ticket to the first agent handling the ticket.

Live Chat

Add live chat to any of your web pages to instantly engage with vistors 1 to 1 and resolve enquiries quickly.


Email Integration

Submit and update tickets by email by adding IMAP/POP email accounts to Acorn Aid.


Email Notifications

Customisable email notifications to customers to suit your business requirements

Bulk Edit

Edit multiple tickets by group, priority, agent and status in one go.


Search / Filter tickets

Search for tickets by multiple fields or filter tickets to focus on a bespoke criteria.



Run reports to show ticket history, tickets per group, agent summary, or source summary.

The complete bundle of Acorn Aid features.

Unlimited tickets
Unlimited custom groups
Unlimted agents
Unlimited custom priorities
Agent to group assignment
Agent time spent
Collision detection
Multi channel support (form, email, live chat, widget)
SMTP Server or PHP Mail Function
Real time ticket updates - auto refreshing
Forward or CC tickets to third party email addresses
Private notes
Ticket ratings
File attachments
Bulk ticket edit. Change owner, group, priority and status
Filter and search tickets
Dashboard / Activity log
Knowledge base
Customisable form fields
Canned replies
Multi language support
Reporting. Data and graphical
Email notications for customers and agents
Custom email notifications
Responsive design - mobile compilate
CSS Design - customisable

User features

Submit tickets by form, email, live chat or widget
Track tickets by email address and ticket number
Update tickets by portal or email
Email notifications for agent updates
Form input validation
Anti spam code

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Acorn Aid Demo

User Demo

Portal Demo

Submit and track a support request

Email to submit and update a support request

Demo emails are synchronised with Acron Aid every 5 minutes.


Live Chat Demo

Live Chat Demo

Log into the admin portal to go online and chat live with an agent.

Live chat is available for any of your web pages.


Admin / Staff Demo


Manage support requests, search, report and adjust settings

Log in details

Username : admin
Password : password
* Unrestricted access

Username : supervisor
Password : password
* Settings restricted

Username : agent
Password : password
* Restricted to support request management