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How do I change the language?

Date Added: 5th Aug 14 22:02:45

Selecting another language.

Acorn Aid can support multiple languages. Multiple languages can be selected when logged into the admin portal and a default language can be selected in Settings > General.

To change the text within Acorn Aid you can follow the proceedure below to use another language.

  1. Copy english.php file in the language folder
  2. Paste the copied file into the language folder
  3. Rename the copied file to your desired language. E.g. Francais
  4. Open your new file.
  5. Replace the text between the quotes on the right hand side after the equals sign. Do not change the text on the left.
  6. Example $lang['variable'] = 'Change this text';
  7. If you use a single or double quote within your text you must escape the quote by using a backslash.
  8. Example $lang['variable'] = 'They\'re single quotes';
  9. Save changes to the file.
  10. Upload your file to your domain.

Your langauge file will now appear in the drop down menu on the admin log on and can be selected as a default language for users in the Settings > General page.

Please share your created language files with Acorn Aid to help us grow.


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