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What are Service Level Agreements?

Date Added: 27th Jul 16 12:06:10

What are Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are a duration target set by the service provider for each group and priority to inform the end user with an expected reply by and fix by date and time. A duration can be set in number of days and hours.

SLAs are displayed within the ticket to the end user and agent to ensure tickets are replied to and fixed by the expected date and time.

If a the ticket group or priority is changed by the agent then the date and time will be updated to the appropriate date and time for that group or priority. Any changes to an SLA will be notified within the ticket updates. SLAs are always measured from the date and time the ticket was submitted and will not be measured from when a change in the group or priority is made.

SLAs can also be used within reporting to measure average response and fix times as a percentage. An SLA report can measure the performance end users are experiencing and where improvements can be made.

For information on setting up SLAs go to How do I configure an SLA

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