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How do I apply a purchased license key

Date Added: 9th Aug 16 14:23:23

How do I add a license key?

By buying an Acorn Aid license key you are supporting the development of Acorn Aid and will remove the "Powered by Acorn Aid" footer.

  1. Purchase a license key
  2. Open db.php in the lib folder of Acorn Aid
  3. Copy and paste your purchased license key into the $aakey variable. e.g. $aakey = "123456789abc";
  4. Save db.php
  5. Upload the db.php to your server
  6. Close any open browser applications e.g. Firefox, Chrome, IE
  7. Open your browser and go to your Acorn Aid installation. e.g.

If you have entered a valid license key into db.php you will now no longer see the "Powered by Acorn Aid" at the bottom of the page.

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